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Pass-through projects switch off all text processing features of Beebox. They:

  • Require a connection to a Wordbee Translator platform.
  • Transfer new or changed source files ("in" directory) directly to a Wordbee Translator platform.
  • Do not do any text extraction, word counting or pretranslation - this is delegated to Wordbee Translator.
  • Downloads translated files from Wordbee Translator and saves them to the "out" directory.

Beebox acts as a middle-ware between content sources and Wordbee Translator. It supports the exact same content sources as regular projects including CMS connectors.


Click Select in the projects list to open a project. The very first page is the project dashboard:

Access the various project pages with the left navigation menu:

  • Dashboard - An overview of source content, workflows and translation status.
  • Source files - View source files/content and volume. Scan project directory for new content.
  • Target files - Shows the completed target files (the translations) that are saved to disk and ready to deliver.
  • Settings - Configure project details, file formats, workflows, TMS and CMS connections

Below the menu you see additional links:

  • Start Autorun - Manually trigger workflows instead of having the system do it periodically
  • Recent events - Summary of actions done in this project
  • Maintenance - One click deletion of files, memory content or translation jobs


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