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Standard credentials

Gives access to all API methods needed to send content for translation, get cost quotations, obtain translation status and retrieve translated content. These methods are perfect for most integration scenarios, including developing CMS connectorsThe login/password are assigned individually per Beebox project. When connecting to the API, you can exclusively interact with data from this project.

  • Perfect for CMS connectors and other data source integration.
  • Access limited to one specific Beebox project. Credentials created per project.
  • Access to limited set of API methods. Perfect for CMS or other data source connections.
  • Can safely be disclosed to third parties such as customers.

Create credentials

Credentials are created individually per project. When connecting to the API, the caller can only interact with data from the project.

(1) Login to the Beebox UI.

(2) Select a project and click the "Connectors & API" tab:

(3) Click "Edit" and toggle the switch to "ON": Fill in a login and password.

Make sure to tick the "Standard connector" option.


Make sure to tick the "Standard connector" option.



(4) Click "Ok" to save your credentials

Once saved you will see the unique identifier of the project. You need this when connecting.

Connect to the API

You are now ready to connect to the API, example:


You can test this in a web browser. The result is the session token:

Next steps: Read about connecting to the Beebox in the API reference.



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