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The API distinguishes three levels of credentials. The access level defines the list of authorized API methods.


CMS connectors

For CMS or other data connectors, choose the standard level. Continue reading here.


Compare access levels:

Access levelDescription



The recommended level. Gives access to all API methods needed to send content for translation, get cost quotations, obtain translation status and retrieve translated content. These methods are perfect for most integration scenarios, including developing CMS connectors. The login/password are assigned individually per Beebox project. When connecting to the API, you can exclusively interact with data from this project.

  • Perfect for CMS connectors and other data source integration.
  • Access limited to one specific Beebox project. Credentials created per project.
  • Access to limited set of API methods. Perfect for CMS or other data source connections.
  • Can safely be disclosed to third parties such as customers.

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Similar to the standard level but widens the scope of available API methods. For example, allows creation and manipulation of Beebox jobs. You would only opt for this access level if you want to control internal workflows in the Beebox.

  • Integration projects requiring advanced Beebox data control.
  • Access limited to one specific Beebox project. Credentials created per project.
  • Access to wide range of API methods, including:
    • Get source segments and translations. Update translations through API.
    • Create Beebox jobs, manage jobs and send to TMS via API.
  • Can be disclosed to trusted third parties (API may directly trigger the transfer of data to a TMS).

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These are the credentials you use to login to the Beebox user interface. The credentials give complete and unrestricted access to all Beebox projects and all the data. Using these credentials you can do everything the Beebox user interface can do! In fact, the Beebox UI does all its operations with the Beebox API.

  • Unlimited access to all Beebox projects, including administration
  • For internal use only. Never disclose admin credentials to third parties.

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The different access levels are discussed in the following pages:




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