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Admin credentials

These are the credentials you use to login to the Beebox user interface. The credentials procure unrestricted access to all Beebox projects and all data.

You can use your admin credentials for the Beebox API and get unlimited access. Although, you should always use standard or advanced credentials unless these are too limited.

The credentials are the same you use when logging into the Beebox UI:

Never disclose your admin credentials to third parties.

Create API session to access a specific project

If you want to work with content and data of one specific project, do include the project ID when creating a session.



We specify the admin login, the admin password and the project key. With the obtained session key, all API methods will relate to that project.

Create API session to access any project and for administration

For unlimited access to all projects and administrative API calls, omit the project ID in the url:



This returns a project independent session token:

This token can be used for creating new projects, deleting projects, access the Beebox log and any other project independent operation.

In order to manipulate a specific project during your session, you need to append the project ID to the token and use this with your project specific API calls.

{token}*{project id}

For example:

localhost:8089/api/files/file?token=611b27e4-9d09-40ba-b7a8-794aaeff4b07*f167bce4-66d8-4bc1-8ed6-4c9086ae7a46&filename=  .....


Next steps: Read about connecting to the Beebox to acces project data in the API reference.



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