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By accessing the Actions tab users gain access to Batch Actions as well as Language and Segment Actions in the Translation Editor. All actions will only have an impact on currently filtered segments. If no filter is enabled the action will be applied to all segments.

Batch Actions

By opening the Batch Actions window users can configure several Language and Segment Actions that are to be run simultaneously on all filtered segments.

  1. Select the languages you’d like to run. The actions are sorted by segment and language level.

  2. Select the values and language for your changes.

  3. Optionally, you can get a preview of your changes by clicking on the eye symbol on top.

  4. If you hit “Apply” your actions will be run.

List of Language Actions



Copy source to Target

Copies source text to the target cell


Lock or Unlock segments

Change Bookmark

Set or change bookmarks for segments

Change Status

Set or change the status of segments

Find and Replace

Find and replace in segments.

Query types: plain text, wildcards or regular expressions

Pseudo Translate

Apply advanced pseudo-translation algorithms. Options are:

  • Copy source to target

  • Copy source and make all lowercase

  • Copy source and make all uppercase

  • Replace text by stars (*)

  • Reshuffle source text, same length

  • Reshuffle source text, 50% shorter

  • Reshuffle source text, 50% longer

Translate from Memory

Translate text from an attached Translation Memory

Clear all segment information

This action will delete all texts and related information attached to the language selected (translation, comments...) irreversibly.

Clear all QA information

This action removes all QA information from the segment.

Set custom QA message

Type a message that is displayed in the grid as a QA error

Quick QA Check

Opens the Quick QA Window

Language Specific Label

Assign custom labels to language cells

Language Specific Custom Fields

Assign custom field values on language level

Sentiment Analysis

Run a Sentiment Analysis on a selected language

Find repetitions

This action lets you find multiple occurrences of identical source texts and translations.

Use cases: Find source text repetitions. Find redundant segments that have both identical source text and translation. Find identical source texts that have very similar translations.

Inconsistent translations

This action identifies identical source texts that have been translated in different ways. It can, for example, find inconsistently translated source strings in a project or job.

List of Segment Actions



Set Text Length Constraint

Set or clear length constraints for segments

Set Context

Enter specific context on segment level

Set Label

Assign your custom labels to segments

Segment Custom Fields

Assign custom field values on segment level

Once you select and configure the action(s) you want to perform, the system will ask you to confirm the changes and also give you the possibility to configure some advanced options to track the changes you will apply. You can choose between status and bookmark changes.

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