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Translation Editor

In this section, you will learn about the computer-aided translation (CAT) tool integrated into Wordbee’s translation and workflow management system. Linguists can use the Multicolumn CAT Editor to translate and review documents, subtitles, strings, games, websites or work on transcreation projects in multiple target languages. Specific parallel and back-translation workflows can be set up to ensure high-quality translation and compliance with your industry regulations. All linguistic resources in your projects can be instantly shared with your team to ensure translation and terminology consistency. Below you can find a preview of the main features and benefits.

Highlights & Benefits

Web-based and platform-independent

Since Wordbee Translator is a web-based system, you do not need to install the Editor on a local machine, but you can simply log in to the system to view and work on the jobs assigned to you. The only thing you need is an internet connection! Your translated files are automatically saved, stored and backed-up automatically. Administrators can export their company records for external backup and maintenance.

Support for a wide range of file formats and languages

To learn which file types and languages you can translate in Wordbee, see the following sections:

Supported Document Formats

Supported Languages

Easy management with a multicolumn Translation Editor

The ​Multicolumn CAT Editor enables linguists, transcreators and games localizers to view and edit content in multiple target languages. The multicolumn layout is particularly useful in those industries, such as Life Sciences, where standardized forward-backwards linguistic validation workflows are mandatory to meet the regulatory and quality expectations. You can easily add segment-specific comments and labels, and answer translation or terminology-related problems in real-time for different jobs. Finally, yet importantly, the Wordbee CAT tool incorporates specific features that support video subtitling and speech-to-text transcription.

Integration with Machine Translation

Wordbee connects via API to a wide range of Machine Translation engines, such as Microsoft Translate, Google Translate, DeepL, Tilde MT etc. Your Project Manager can pre-translate a whole document with one of the MT engines available in the system and then assign a post-editing job to you. Or you can receive MT suggestions directly in Translation Finder while you are working on a translation.

Integration with the Terminology Management Editor

You can not only receive term suggestions from the ​Wordbee's Terminology Management Tool databases enabled by the Project Managers, but you can also access and edit the concept entries stored in the database directly from the interface of your CAT tool Editor. Moreover, you can open the term entries in the Multicolumn Editor and translate a list of terms in multiple target languages.

Global Search

With Global Search, you can look up previous translations of a term or a phrase in all resources, databases and documents stored on your Wordbee platform. You can even give access to your customers to query your linguistic assets. Global Search helps you locate or replace information quickly, flag erroneous translations or change the status of your segments on the fly.

Live Preview of translated websites and software UI

Beebox, a special Wordbee connector, facilitates easy integration with Content Management Systems. Hence, translators can translate corporate website or software user interfaces directly on the page and see the content changing in real-time. This leads to increased productivity and quality.

Autocomplete and automatic QA checks as you type

You can translate faster with autocomplete suggestions directly from your translation memory and terminology databases. The automatic QA checks warns you of potential formatting errors, inconsistent translations or use of forbidden terminology.

Instant collaboration and email notifications

Use the commenting feature to instantly connect with your team members, exchange information, or solve translation and terminology problems. You can add comments to either document or segment level, and notify the stakeholders by email directly from the Translation Editor. All the changes are tracked in the system and you can see when a segment was last modified and by whom.

For a complete overview of all major features in Wordbee Translator, see System features.

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