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The Quicktask bar

This bar gathers some of the most used functionalities in the system.





Save your work manually or access the Autosave function by clicking the little arrow next to the save icon

Enable / Disable Autosave

Enable or disable the autosave functionality.

Set Autosave Interval

Define how frequently autosave should be triggered (min. 5 seconds).


When autosave is enabled, this icon indicates that autosaving is in progress.


Refresh without saving. This will allow you to see the work of your colleagues when in a collaborative scenario.

Show/Hide formatting marks

Displays/Hides all font attributes and non-displayable characters.

Search and Replace

Quick access to the text-based search and replace function.


Return to a previous version of your active segment.

Undo (history)

List of the recent actions that have been performed in the active segment.

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