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Quality Assurance Settings

Quality Assurance (QA) in Wordbee Translator is all about meeting the client needs and expectations for the documents produced. Whether you are worried about checking the tone of the text, formatting discrepancies or the terminology being used, the ‘QA profiles’ and spellcheck dictionaries can help you grasp and fulfil the requirements of any project.

A default profile is provided by the system to ensure that a quality assurance check can be run. However, this might not have the rules enabled that you specifically need for the QA check. Moreover, you can decide to make that 

To view the QA profiles and the Spellcheck dictionaries, go to Settings > Platform Customization and search for Quality Assurance and click on Configure.

  • QA Profiles - Here you can configure QA profiles for all or specific languages. To be able to run QA checks on your translation, you will first need to attach a QA profile to your project.

  • Spellcheck dictionaries - Here you can view and manage the dictionaries available for spell checking in the Translation Editor and the QA tool. You can also upload your own dictionaries.

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