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How to complete the jobs and deliver the files

Once you have finished translating and validating the document, you need to go back to your Job Dashboard in the Wordbee Translator Platform to change the document status from In progress to Completed.

DTP and layouting jobs

Users performing tasks that require to work on the file out of the translation interface will need to deliver their files first via the Set document as deliverable option, under the Document Tab.

Then they will follow the same process as the Freelance translators or external workers.

You can reach your Job Dashboard from the Sidebar bar, by clicking the by clicking the 


To deliver the translation, two different procedures exist depending on whether you are a freelance translator or a supplier (including in-house workers).

If you are a Freelance Translator or an External Worker

If you are a Supplier or Internal Worker

Once the document is marked as Completed:

  • Close the translation interface window.
  • Return to the Project details page in Wordbee Translator and click on Change status.
  • Change the status to Completed.
  • Click on OK.

Once the document is marked as Completed:

  • Close the translation interface window.
  • Return to the Job details page, from where you began your translation job.
  • In the Work section, Work status column, click on the down arrow and select Set to: Completed. The Document translation status & comments window opens.
  • Type in a message (optional) that you can send to your client/ project leader to announce that the job has been finished. This message is sent by email, but it can also be viewed on the personal Wordbee Translator workspace.
  • Click on OK. The Document Status changes from In progress to Completed.

If all documents in the job are now finished, the project leader will change the status of the job to Completed in Wordbee's interface.

If you wish to make any modifications, you must change the status back to In progress.

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