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CAT Editor

The CAT Editor is a user-friendly, collaborative tool where project managers, translators, revisers, clients, etc. are able to interact with each other when completing jobs for a project. Wordbee Translator provides a cloud-based CAT Editor where work may be performed:

  1. Online through a Web Browser.
  2. Offline by exporting an XLIFF, Word or Excel file.

With Wordbee Translator's CAT Editor, the file may be exported as an XLIFF for working offline in a preferred tool. Once completed, the file must be imported back into the system in order to update the project memory. This makes it easy for any translator to complete work in a way that works for them. 

CAT Editor Features

Our CAT Editor consists of several beneficial features that come together to create the perfect collaborative environment and make job completion easy for everyone involved within a project (whether internal or external). These features include:

  • A Comment and Discussion Panel
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for All Actions
  • Built-in Terminology Databases
  • Access to Real-Time Linguistic Resources
  • Autopropagation
  • Quality Assurance
  • An Intuitive, Fast Interface

Advantages & Benefits

With the Wordbee Translator CAT Editor, it is easy for everyone to complete their work. It provides a reliable collaborative environment for the entire team where they are able to: 

  • Access All Needed Resources from One Location
  • Effectively Communicate with Project Managers, Revisors, etc.
  • Define and Use Beneficial Keyboard Shortcuts for Actions
  • Multiple People Can Work on Documents At the Same Time
  • Complete Transparency for Managers
  • Answer Questions Directly on Documents
  • Easily Track Communication Between All Parties


Read more about the different features and how they work in the detailed section Highlights of the Multicolumn Editor

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