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What is a Project Memory?

Project Memories are specific to Wordbee Translator, and they are automatically generated by the system for each project. They can be thought of as global memories whereby the system remembers all translated work within the platform throughout a project.

As opposed to Translation Memories (TM), these require no manual intervention and store everything typed in the translated segments of a document or documents for a project. If words have already been translated, then the system will automatically make suggestions based upon what has already been translated and its corresponding matches.

Additionally, a Project Memory (PM) is created for each document when translation begins and stored in the appropriate workspace. All project memories receive the same name as the project reference name or number. You can view current project memories by going to Resources in the top toolbar and then clicking on Project Memories. Keeping this information consistent will make it easier to find these resources in the system. 

You can learn more about the configuration and reuse of project memories in the chapters that cover the system settings.

Remember to Consolidate: Since a project memory is created for each document, it is important to remember to consolidate these items with the translation memory once the project is completed. Forgetting to do so, will result in the project memories being permanently lost.

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