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Translation memory settings

In Translation memory settings, you will be able to set the global behaviour of any linguistic resource you create or use in your Wordbee Translator instance.  

In this section, you will learn how to customize the search settings and leverage your linguistic resources:

How to access the TM settings

Option 1

Go to Settings >Customization> Translation memories. Here you will be able to customize two types of settings:

  1. Translation memory settings - Here you can customize how translation memories are used and how fuzzy matches are calculated in translation memories. Furthermore, you will be able to penalize the formatting differences.

  2. Translation memory reuse and consolidation - Here you can specify whether project memories, translation memories and terminology can be leveraged by default upon creation. Specify a project memory consolidation strategy after the project has finished.

Use Configure to view and edit the settings.

After you have set up the behaviour of your Wordbee Translation platform, you will be able to fine-tune each type of resource for better reuse and customize the access rights.

Option 2

To access the TM search settings directly from your resources, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Resources > Translation Memories.

2. Select the Translation memory you want to view. Resource details window will open.

3. Click on the third tab to open the Search settings of the TM resource you have selected.

  • Here you can promote or penalise the search results in the memory you have selected with respect to other memories.

  • Do not forget to Save the changes you make.

  • If you change your mind, you can restore the default settings by clicking on Restore defaults. Alternatively, you can also use the Manage default settings to modify and apply the changes to all your resources at once.

See the following articles in this section to learn in detail about all the search and filter options you can customize in your translation memories:

Translation memory - Default search settings

Translation memory reuse and consolidation

Learn more

Go back to the platform customization to learn about other settings that you can customize:

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