First, access the Costs Tab for the project. If no invoices exist for the standard project, the screen will appear as shown below. To create an invoice for a client, click on Add New in the upper right corner of the screen.

A pop-up window will appear. Choose Create client quote/invoice and then click on Continue.

Next, choose a pricelist from the drop-down menu and then click on Continue. The pricelist will be used to generate the costs for the invoice based on discounts, rates, and so on. Make certain the appropriate pricelist is selected. Note that the information can be modified at a later time if needed. 

The invoice information will appear as shown below. First, change the Status to Invoice Draft by clicking on the drop-down menu and making a selection. Then review the pricing information to ensure it is correct.

The drafted invoice will show each performed task and the discounts for translation fuzzy matches. The total cost is displayed at the bottom of the invoice. 

To the right of each displayed line, additional options are provided for managing each line in the invoice. Click on the Trash Can to remove the line or the Add (plus) to add a line to the invoice. If you need to change pricing information, click on the Pencil Icon. Use the Up or Down Arrows to change the position of a line in the invoice. 

You may also enter an Invoice Number, select an Invoice Date, and configure an Effective Date for the drafted invoice. If an effective date is not configured, then the current date will be used.

A section is also provided for entering an optional Header Line. When finished with any needed changes, click on OK in the upper right corner of the pop-up window.

If everything is correct, click on Attach next to Invoice.

An invoice may either be created using the default template provided by Wordbee Translator or from one that is specific to your company. In the pop-up window, you can either: 

  • Create File... - This option will populate the draft information into a pre-configured invoice template provided by Wordbee. (The example below will show this option.)

  • Upload A Company Template - Browse to and select a template file for your company. Then click on Upload File and the invoice draft information will be populated into the template automatically.

To the left of the Create File... option, you can click on Format Options for the new invoice being generated with the template. Here you may choose the document layout (language) and file format (Excel or PDF) for the invoice.

The default selections are English and Excel. Click on Create File... to continue after all needed changes have been made.

After the invoice has been created with either the default Wordbee template or one that has been uploaded, you will be able to preview the invoice prior to attaching it by clicking on Preview File. The file will be downloaded to the computer for viewing. Click on Save & Attach to save the invoice and attach it to the project. 

Once this is finished, you will see a download option appear next to Invoice in the pop-up window. This option may be used at any time to download the new invoice for the project. Click on Close to exit the pop-up window.

The Invoice will appear as shown below when viewing the Cost Tab for the project. You can download the document by clicking on the Green Document Icon.