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Consolidation to Master Memory

Choosing an automatic consolidation helps you to keep a master memory up to date upon workflow completion. This feature is made available when checking the box in your workflow template, which means that you still need to configure the desired merge option to be applied when creating each project.

You will find where to configure the consolidation option inside the Project Settings tab under the Resources section

To know more about the configuration options available, go to the section Consolidation options inside the chapter Consolidation of Project Memories to Master.

Here some quick tips on how to get through with some general scenarios:

For any segment you want to exclude from consolidation:

  • Mark it with red status (default settings to avoid consolidation). Example:

    • Translations are only valid for this particular document (no reuse is expected)

  • Mark it with green status AND red bookmark (update consolidation rules to handle red bookmarks). Example:

    • No translation is required for the selected segments (therefore segments are marked in green) BUT we don't want to merge these segments into our master resource. This will allow us to eventually translate the segments in future jobs if required.

By default, translations identical to source texts are ignored from consolidation. If you wish to override this setting you will need to revert that configuration in the consolidation settings of your project

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