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Create a custom panel for each user profile

You have the possibility to define a custom widget in the home dashboard of each user type that shows relevant information for the people sharing the same visibility of the system. 

When viewing the Access Rights for a specific profile, you will find a second tab which allows you to do customise the Home dashboard.

In the example above the Manager, the profile will be updated. When clicking on it and editing the page, you will need to check the box Add a custom panel for this user profile

Then an enriched text editor will be available for you to enter text, images, URLs and other elements.

For full customisation, you will also be able to paste HTML code as shown below.

Once you are done with the editing and you save the changes, the home dashboard for that user type will be updated.

This is how the panel will look like in its final location (note that users can define where this panel should be located, or if they want to hide it)

For more information about the management of access rights, please see:

How to manage the Access Rights in specific scenarios

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