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Create a new MT System configuration

To add a new Machine Translation System in Wordbee Translator, click on Add New in the upper right of the screen.

Select the MT system you want to configure.

In the customization window you can enable the full feature set of the desired MT system or disable it.

Step 1: Enter a Name

To get started, enter a descriptive name to make identifying the new Machine Translation System easy. Otherwise it will simply appear as Microsoft and could result in several with this name residing in the list.

To enter a name, simply click on the field and make any desired changes. In this example the system will be name Microsoft - French to English

Step 2: Enable the Plan

By default, the machine translation system will be disabled. To enable it, tick the Enabled - full feature set option. This will cause the window expand and result in requiring additional information to be entered. 

Step 3: Enter Credentials

Next, enter the Client ID and Client Secret you have created for the Microsoft Translator application. If you have not created an account in Microsoft and registered this application, this will need to be done before this step can be completed.

To fill in these details, simply copy/paste or type them into these fields. This information will be verified by Wordbee Translator upon saving the machine translation system and must be correct in order for the save to be successful. 

Please note that other Machine Translation Systems require different types of credentials. For example, Google needs an API Key and Tauyou needs a User Id and Password. This example explicitly shows the required credentials for Microsoft Translator.

Step 4: Configure Source Languages

By default, every available source language is selected within a new machine translation system. Click on Untick All to make the selection process easier. This will remove all current source language selections. If you should need to select all languages, a Tick All option is also provided.

The Source Language portion of the configuration will appear as shown below, once all selections have been removed. 

Click on the checkbox next to each desired language to make a selection. In this example, only English is selected. 

Step 5: Configure Target Languages

As with the source languages, all available target languages are also selected by default. To remove these selections, click on Untick All.

Then click on the checkbox next to each desired target language. In this example, only French is chosen. 

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Finally, it is time to save the machine translation system and for Wordbee Translator to verify the entered credentials. Click on Save in the upper right corner of the screen to begin this process.

You will receive a confirmation message that Wordbee Translator will be testing the supplied keys/credentials to ensure validity. Click on OK to begin. 

If for some reason the keys cannot be validated, you will receive the following error message. Click on OK and verify that the entered information is correct before attempting to save the machine translation system again. 

Once all information has been entered correctly and keys have been successfully validated, the new machine translation system will be saved in Wordbee Translator. As shown in this example, Microsoft now resides in the list of machine translation systems and has an Enabled Status

By default, machine translation systems are displayed in alphabetical order; however, after a new one has been added, you may move it up or down in this list so that it has the appropriate priority for translations. To learn more, see the Changing Machine Translation System Priority page. 

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