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Custom domain configuration

It is possible to use a custom domain name in order to access your Wordbee-Translator platform via, for instance, a sub-domain of your company website.

In order to use this feature, you need to apply some mandatory steps.

1. Choose your custom domain

You need to buy a domain name, or create a sub-domain to allocate to Wordbee-Translator

For instance,


2. Configure your (sub)domain to use our DNS server

To connect your (sub-)domain to our infrastructure, you need to configure your custom domain to use our NameServers (NS).

  • Usually, your registrar let you configure your DNS zone directly from their user interface. In that case, please refer to their documentation.
  • If you are using your own DNS server, then it should be easy for you to understand the following records.

Please configure your (sub-)domain as follows:

Zone file

@			IN	NS
@			IN	NS

Please note @ means the root domain (example: and should be replaced by the sub-domain if applicable.

If you need more assistance on your domain configuration, please contact your domain registrar.

NS records unavailable

If your domain registrar doesn't let you configure NS records of your subdomain, please then set your subdomain the CNAME pointing to

3. Schedule the change date with your Account Manager

When the configuration of your custom domain is completed, please contact your Wordbee Account Manager in order to schedule the change of your domain name.

Please note the change is usually transparent and your users will be redirected to the new domain name.

4. SSL certificate for HTTPS connection

It's obvious nowadays to use secured HTTPS connection for all the web application. In case you want your own custom domain applied for Wordbee platform you need to get or use an existing one SSL certificate (wildcard or specially created for custom domain). This certificate should be deployed on our (Wordbee) frontend servers, so you can choose any secure way you'd prefer to send us the full certificate package (including private key). We will add you platform SSL certificate to our monitoring system to let you know when certificate expired.

Bonus - Email SPF configuration

Please read Send emails with your own domain name

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