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InDesign Preview by Wordbee

Feature details

Wordbee Adobe InDesign preview offers your translation team the possibility to preview the translated InDesign file. A 250-page credit is offered free of charge. Beyond this limit, a subscription is required. The preview enables you to convert INDD files (InDesign CS6 or higher) to IDML within the documents library of your project. This conversion is also deducted from the package of pages available. When you preview a file, the number of pages is deducted from the available credit. Each time you trigger the preview, for each page of your document, you add a "preview" to the counter. 

For example:

1) if a translator has to translate a job which contains a file with one page:

  • Requesting 5 previews of the job within the editor will count as 5 previews. 

2) if a translator has to translate a job which contains a file with 10 pages:

  • Requesting 1 preview will count as 10 previews, one per page.

If an error occurs during the idml conversion or preview process, the package is not decreased.

Feature limitations

  • The preview does not yet include pictures of the original document.

  • Extensions supported: 

    • IDML 

    • INDD (InDesign CS6 or higher)

As it happens with any other file types, the preview is also linked to each user profile via access rights. Since there is no current way to assign a fixed number of previews per user or only enable it for a given type of jobs, you may want to manage the access to the online preview feature by adjusting their access rights. Alternatively, you can remind your teams to use this option wisely by giving special instructions for InDesign files or adding a clause to your terms and conditions policy so they are aware in advance.

Preview packages

Choose the right package based on the number of pages you wish to convert or preview (no time limit to use the package):

  • 1000

  • 5000

  • 10000

  • 25000

Contact email link:

Learn more

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