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Wordbee Translator can be integrated with many accounting, CRM or TMS Systems by means of APIs (API v1). Direct connection and transfer with CMS systems can be achieved by using Wordbee Beebox , another Wordbee solution that acts as middleware between your content sources (CMSs, repositories) and the Wordbee Translator TMS. Beebox also allows you to build your own connectors using the Web API: Web API

Out-of-the-box translation of content management systems include: Adobe AEM, Drupal, Episerver, Joomla!, Kentico, SDL LiveContent, SDL Tridion, SDL Web, Sharepoint, Sitecore, TYPO3, What's On, WordPress. Find more about CMS here: Q&A - How do I translate a CMS?

Finally, Wordbee Translator integrates with machine translation engines, such as Microsoft Translate, Google Translate, DeepL, Reverso, Globalese, Lingua Custodia, Tauyou and Tilde. To enable them in your Wordbee environment, you would first need to obtain an API key from the MT providers.

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