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Releases 2018-02

This page shows items released in 2018-02.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

NEW Ratings given by managers to suppliers are now displayed in various relevant places in the tool

Various pages now show the average manager ratings given to suppliers per language pair and task over the past 3 months. If your managers do rate jobs upon completion then this is very useful. The pages showing the manager ratings are:
- Supplier groups pages ("Suppliers" > "Supplier groups")
- Price lists (select supplier and click "Prices")
- Find supplier services page ("Suppliers" > "Supplier services")
-Supplier selector popup (opens when you assign a supplier or group to a job)
The shown ratings are per supplier, language pair and task and for the past 3 months. As with other BA data, ratings of jobs are taken into account a few days after job completion.

Supplier Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-818

NEW New filter added in codyt jobs pages to filter jobs by total words

A new search filter has been added to all codyt jobs pages to filter jobs by total words included in documents.

Job Management, Translators, Project Managers - WM-1003

NEW Codyt project page -> Display and content improvements

The Wordbee internal team has been tasked to perform a series of updates and fixes on the codyt project page, including icon alignment, color changes and content replacements.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-979

IMPROVED Job link to order options: Now supported via API and auto-delivery translations back into linked order

Since shortly the system permits to link documents in a project to specific orders (within the same project). This is specifically useful when you work with many orders in a project and you enable the automatic back delivery feature in the project workflow page.
The present item refers to these extensions:
(1) API to upload documents to Codyt project now have an optional parameter to link the document to an order, see:
(2) When enabling the back delivery to order in a Codyt project workflow, this mechanism now correctly copies the document to the order to which the document is linked. Before it selected the most recent order.

API, Client Orders, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-1033

IMPROVED New languages added

Wordbee now supports Siswati, Tsonga, Venda, Ndebele (North and South), Dagbani (Ghana), Ga (Ghana), Ewe (Ghana), Teso (Uganda), Adhola (Uganda). The respective codes for these new languages are ssw, tso, ven, nbl, nbe, dag-GH, gaa-GH, ee-GH, teo-UG, adh-UG.

Core, Administrators - WM-1029

IMPROVED New design template - Unable to maintain background image

A new cache system has been implemented to maintain the background image after closing the browser or logout and login again in the new interfaces.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-1031

IMPROVED Codyt jobs page -> "Actions" menu improvements

The objective of the improvements was to update the “Actions” menu on the codyt jobs page. The following options have been updated:
- The “Assign jobs” option has been removed
- The "Update jobs” option has been removed
- A new “Manage jobs” option has been added. The new option opens the exact same tool that opens the Project > Jobs > Manage page.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-744

FIX Access problems for single users when using their company calendar option

Single users could not access their company calendar, although the access rights were already enabled for them. This has been fixed and single users can now access their company calendar with no restrictions.

Calendar, Translators - WM-1040

FIX Settings page: "Add new" invoice popup display issue

The "Add New" invoice popup was not displayed correctly on the screen. This has been fixed and it's now centered correctly on the "Settings" page.

Invoicing, Administrators - WM-1047

FIX Document right click menu appears at the wron place in the latest Chrome versions

Document right click menu should appear in the proper place when we right click and not somewhere above

Administration, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-1032

FIX Translation editor and Microsoft Word: Inserting superscript and subscript markup did not always translate properly in the translated file

This issue occurred during translating a Microsoft Word document and inserting superscript and subscript markup, the marked text did mostly but not always print accordingly. This problem has been fixed.

File Formats, Translators, Project Managers - WM-1008

FIX Issue when downloading of the source file

An issue was discovered on the new editor page. The option to download the source file was not working correctly. This has been fixed and tested by the Wordbee internal team.

Editor, Translators - WM-1048

FIX Microsoft Word: The exclusion of text with not translatable styles did not work in all cases

When configuring a Word filter with non translatable paragraph styles (such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.), the content was still extracted for translation. This fix now properly takes into account paragraph styles to exclude. Exclusion of character styles did work already correctly.
To configure a Word filter go to "Settings", choose "Microsoft Word" and a configuration. Select the "Do not translate" tab and fill in paragraph or character style names in the "Styles" section.

File Formats, Project Managers - WM-1038

FIX Editor popup: Segment custom field info was not appearing in the translation finder panel anymore

A code issue has been discovered on the translations "Editor" popup. Segment custom field information didn't appear anymore on the translation finder panel. This has been fixed and checked by the Wordbee technical team.

Editor, Translators, Freelancers - WM-1046

FIX Wrong redirect discovered for the Job openings in the latest events section

A link direction issue was discovered for Job openings in the latest events section under the tool homepage.The Job openings was linked to the "all jobs" section' instead of the "my jobs" section.

General, Translators - WM-1039

FIX Ordered by filed in project tool tip showed too many names

An issue was discovered in the project tool tip, Ordered by field was showing repetitive names. This has been fixed and it is now showing only each name once.

Project Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-1035

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NEW SSO SAML - Assign ressources to company

The SSO SAML mapping permit to assign an list of resources to current user company for global search.

SSO, Administrators - WM-1018

NEW SSO SAML - Set "default master memory"

The SSO SAML mapping accept new configuration for set the "default master memory" property for company.

SSO, Administrators - WM-1017

NEW A new Markup rule has been added to the QA profile customisation -> Spaces are now accepted before and after markup if they are included in your original source files

A new markup rule has been added to the QA (Quality Assurance) process to identify spaces before and after a tag. For example, if your source text has a space before the bold tag, then your translated text should have a space before the bold text as well.
This markup option can now be selected in your QA profile page.

QA, Project Managers - WM-1000

NEW New access right to allow externals to access files attached to the company

If new access right ticked, the user has access to the documents tab of his/her company. The user can then upload, download, delete, view and edit. If not ticked, the documents are accessible to internal managers only.

Client Management, Supplier Management, Translators, Project Managers, Clients - WM-1002

NEW Clients tab is highlighted instead of suppliers tab when opening the planning page of a company

Client tab is highlighted instead of Suppliers tab when opening the planning page of a company - Client tab is highlighted instead of Suppliers tab when opening the planning page of a company

Administration, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-999

IMPROVED Business Reports improvements: "Project profit and loss - By service (S105)" & "Project profit and loss - By service - Compact (S106)"

A new placeholder introduced to hold the cost per each document individually for both Codyt and Standard jobs.
Check the online documentation for this new placeholder "CostExVat2" and how it is integrated to reports "Project profit and loss - By service (S105)" & "Project profit and loss - By service - Compact (S106)"

Reports, Project Managers - WM-1012

IMPROVED [NewEditor] QA Quick Check options are now saved

When launching a quick check from the new editor interface, the selected options are now saved for each user.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-1005

FIX Bug fixed with wrong timezone when viewing orders for interpretation work

In some cases, dates such as deadline or reception date shown in the order details page were displayed in a time zone different from the user's preference. This problem has been fixed.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-1016

FIX Google machine translation: With some languages translation requests hit a maximum text length constraint

In some situation, the Google MT failed with error message "Bad request". After investigation, we found that we hit a maximum text size limit in some special cases. We fixed this. In addition we now display original Google error messages to the user in the case a translation fails at Google.

Core, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-1006

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

NEW Mandatory Quality assurance (QA) check prior to Job Completion work

Project managers can demand vendors to run a QA check before being able to submit their work.
This guarantees the quality levels set by the project manager are respected.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-123

NEW Codyt projects: Jobs can now be linked to a specific order in a project

The system has been changed so it keeps a link between a job and the order to which it refers to (if any). Jobs are automatically created in the order form, the system automatically set this link. Documents are manually marked for translation, which allows the user to optionally choose an order.
This feature permits to search jobs by order reference in the "Jobs" lists.
Note: This feature is available with Codyt projects only.

Client Orders, Project Managers - WM-843

IMPROVED New translation editor - TMX properties now shown with segment properties

TMX properties that may have been imported from a TMX are now displayed in the new translation editor. They can be viewed in the segment properties panel. It is also possible to add extra editor columns for segment and language level properties.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-967

IMPROVED A few supplier selection popup enhancements : Adding multiple items and more

The supplier selection popup has these improvements: (1) When multiple services are selected you can now apply a filter for more services and tick the checkbox next to the "Select" button. The filtered items are either added or removed from the selection. (2) The menu next to "Select" proposes a new option to toggle the selection mode to simplify the selection of just one supplier (no checkboxes shown). (3) Some texts have been improved.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-1004

IMPROVED Orders report improvement

Order with 'Cancelled' status are now visible in My Orders tab and on Recent Orders section in the home page

Client Orders, Project Managers - WM-984

IMPROVED Improvement: Expanded client search filter added to the "Projects" section

The client search filter in the "Project" section has been updated for more search flexibility. Not only can you search for clients name by their first letters but now you can also search by any letters of the client name. As long the client name contains the search keywords, it'll be included in the search results.

Development, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-991

FIX Fix: Workflow settings options: Disallow suppliers to accept multiple jobs in same workflow

When supplier is assigned a job, in some cases, the message that the job cannot be accepted is shown when it should not. This was the case if the job was already assigned to the supplier. The message must not be shown unless it is a job opening. The problem has been fixed.

Job Management, Translators, Project Managers - WM-995

FIX "re-run check" message appears when only changing the work status to "Completed" in the old editor

In the old editor: "re-run check" message shouldn't appear when not changing the translations at all and only changing the work status to "Completed"

Supplier Management, Translators - WM-992

FIX Supplier job rating issue -> Supplier was able to see job rating fields of manager.

Suppliers have the ability to view and rate jobs when logged into the client portal. The issue appeared when a supplier could rate a job with the same rating items as a manager.

Access-Rights, Freelancers - WM-994

FIX Multilingual Excel: When excluding texts by color, the reconstructed file omits the excluded source text

Multilingual Excel: The filter permits to exclude any rows where the source text cell is in specific colors. However, when building the translated file, the source text cells do not contain the original text anymore (they are empty). This problem has now been fixed.

File Formats, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-987

FIX Translation update -> Arabic translation from a Powerpoint file -> The Arabic text was not printed from right to left

When translating a Powerpoint file into Arabic, the Arabic text is printed left-to-right (LTR) in the translated Powerpoint. With this development translated text is printed right-to-left (RTL) for Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL languages.

Core, Translators, Clients, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-942

FIX Export suppliers doesn't work

User can export suppliers list if he has access rights to show the list, otherwise he can't show the list and also export.

General, Project Managers, Administrators, Leads - WM-988

FIX Submitting new orders: When machine translation is enabled, it does not pretranslate from memories

In the new order form you can have submitted documents translated by translation memories as well as machine translation. In the case you enabled machine translation, it did translate all segments including those that could be pre-translated from memories.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Clients - WM-973

Friday, February 9, 2018

NEW Project auto-numbering with placeholder "pjday" may fail with submitting order forms from the client portal

The error occurs with submitting order forms and when you use the {pjday} placeholder for auto-numbering project references. In this case, the submission hangs for a while and then fails with an error. This fix corrects this problem.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Clients - WM-989

FIX Assigning supplier to job fails in a very specific case with past document versions and workflow settings amended in between versions

The scenario happens in a specific case where documents are uploaded and jobs created with the project workflow. Then steps are removed from the project workflow. Finally, new versions of the documents are uploaded. Assignment may fail with specific types of changes of the workflow profile. This is the very first time we see this happen since Wordbee exists!

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-990

Thursday, February 8, 2018

NEW CSV multilingual file filter: New option to exclude source language columns in the translated file

With multilingual CSV files, the translated file contains separate columns per each target language as well as the column with the original language texts. With the new options available under "Settings" > "CSV" > your filter, you can decide to exclude the source language columns (text and/or comments) in the translated file. The file then contains the translated content only.

File Formats, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-978

NEW Clients section -> Customize columns list modification

Terminology modification has been performed in the "Clients" section. More precisely, on the customize "Columns" list popup. The "Supplier" wording has been changed to "client"

General, Clients, Administrators - WM-976

IMPROVED New order form created from project view now display the project header.

When creating an order from the project view, the order form now still display the project header, and the cancel button lead to the project details view.

Administration, Project Managers - WM-985

IMPROVED [NewEditor] Redesigned QA check window

We have redesigned the QA check window in the new editor based on your feedback. It is now more practical to use while validating your translations, featuring a draggable window, more intuitive actions, and faster response times while operating within the window.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers, Leads - WM-944

FIX Fixed: When viewing the originally used configuration of a json file an error was shown

At any point in time it is possible to view the file filter configuration that was used when marking a document for translation. For example, in Codyt you will the link at the bottom of the "Management window" for a document or job. The link shows all configurations just fine but failed with JSON. This is now corrected.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-764

FIX Improve the export of resources (excel and csv format)

Improve the export of resources including custom fields in excel or csv format to avoid error in the export.

Resources, Project Managers - WM-960

FIX Business Report improvement: "Supplier services and prices" (S503)

The Business Report feature has been improved to handle more than 2100 price lists in the "Supplier services and prices" (S503) report creation.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-975

FIX Jobs -> Codyt job status popups -> Special characters improvement

Invalid characters have been detected and fixed in the Codyt jobs page popups. The error occurred in the Codyt status popup by clicking on the "Manage" link.

General, Translators, Project Managers - WM-970

FIX Project details -> Workflow & Suppliers modification

An error was displayed when navigating to the "All supplier" supplier group in the supplier selector popup. "All suppliers" is a "virtual" group and simply covers all the suppliers qualified for a task and language. Since it is not a real dynamic or static group it cannot be configured. We have thus simply removed the icon to navigate to the group definition.

General, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-964

Thursday, February 1, 2018

NEW New project workflow option: Automatically set job deadlines to project deadline, rather than calculating from capacity and word count

Job deadlines can now optionally be preset to the project deadline.
Today, when marking a file for translation, the system creates jobs based on the project workflow profile and calculates job deadlines from capacity information and word counts.
We added a new "deadline calculation" option which you can enable in the workflow profile: Deadlines are automatically set to the project deadline or a time before the project deadline (such as 1 day before project deadline).

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-847

NEW Double encoding of & in html parser without CDATA in XML configuration

In a XML configuration, when selecting "HTML encoded" , & is converted into &amp but should not.

Editor, Translators - WM-839

NEW API 2: New methods to fetch and update notes attached to companies

In the web interface, free text notes can be attached to a company from the company details page. We added API calls to get, add, update and delete these notes by API. All methods are documented here:

API, Administrators - WM-864

NEW New custom field type "Checkbox"

Custom fields can be added for projects, jobs, invoices and so on from the "Settings" > "Custom fields" page. You can now create a new field type, namely checkboxes. These can either be ticked or unticked. This adds to the existing types text fields, pick lists, URLs and images.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-104

FIX PriceList Import - system automatically converts unit count "0" values to "1"

When the user imports price list containing "0" value of unit count, the system will automatically convert unit count "0" values to "1" values as 1 is the minimum value of the unit count

Administration, Administrators - WM-68





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