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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a source text or translation with respect to the overall contextual polarity or emotional reaction. A translation may be perfect yet lack the emotional content that you want to convey. This is why we integrate all tooling necessary to ensure accuracy of both linguistic aspects and style. This is important when translating marketing or advertisement content, web sites or other public facing material.   

Sentiment analysis in Wordbee

  • Enable sentiment analysis: Activate a system in "Settings" > "Sentiment Analysis".
  • Scoring source: When marking files for translation tick the option to have the source text analysed.
  • Scoring translations: Manually from the editor's "Actions" menu or automatically by means of QA, see next.
  • Translation editor: View scores as emoticons in the translation editor. Manually edit inaccurate scores.
  • QA: Enable the sentiment analysis QA rule and thus ensure that no negative message gets out..
  • Firewall: Automatically reject negative translation work. Configure your project workflow to systematically run a QA and to ensure that no negative message gets out.

A step by step guide

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