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The Wordbee Translator CAT editor includes a spellcheck feature, allowing users to detect any potential spelling error in their translations.

The spellcheck feature is enabled by default in the editor. It can be accessed at the bottom of the translation interface.

The Spellchecker can be configured to use the browser's Spellchecker or the default built-in Spellcheck available in Wordbee Translator

This tool will automatically detect and flag any spelling error in the segments.

Words containing spelling mistakes will be underlined in red.

By right clicking on the word, the Spellchecker will display a list of potential correction.

To apply the proposed correction, just click on it and the word will be replaced with the selected option.

If the selected word corresponds to a specific terminology or an internal jargon, you can either add the word to your dictionary or ignore word. The Spellchecker will not flag this term as erroneous and the term will not show up during the QA check.

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