Wordbee permits authentication of users by Okta.

Prerequisites are:

  • Okta account
  • A Wordbee Translator Enterprise level license
  • You have obtained the "SSO - Configuration Information" document from Wordbee
  • You have received the public certificate from Wordbee


Step 1 - Create New App

Go to Admin Dashboard > Applications > Add Application.

Click Create New App and choose SAML 2.0 as the Sign on method.

Create a New Application Integration

Step 2 - Configure SAML Settings

For the encryption settings shown below to appear in the wizard, you need to show Advanced settings:

Add the Wordbee Certificate and set the field "Assertion Encryption" to "Encrypted" :


Define attribute values to map Okta fields and the corresponding Wordbee fields:

Step 3 - Send certificate to Wordbee

After saving the previous configuration you need to download the certificate.

And download certificate:

Communicate this certificate to Wordbee team for the finalization of configuration.