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Supplier Management

Supplier Management is the ability to monitor and manage translators, revisers or anyone else working on a translation project. Wordbee provides a feature for entering each supplier, which can be translation agencies and freelance translators who provide services to your clients.

What Information Is Tracked?

As the suppliers take jobs and complete work, information such as previous work performance, user ratings, etc. is used to match translators to projects and to track costs. Additional information tracked by this feature includes:

  •  In-house and external participant information.
  •  Speciality translator domains (i.e. legal, software, mechanical).
  •  Custom tags and five-star ratings.
  •  Max words to be translated per day v.s. assignments.
  •  Pricelists and billing information.
  •  Comments (only visible internally).
  •  Access permissions.

What are the Benefits? 

Supplier management connects to business analytics to deliver over 100 reports for gaining insight about the performance of your translators and managers. With this information you can determine the volume translators are turning out, evaluate response times, estimate scheduling or delivery times, and manage satisfaction ratings. 

This information aids in automating translator selection, assignment, and costing. Supplier management leads to better project outcomes and an easy, collaborative environment for your suppliers. With it you are able to: 

  • Assign translators to the right projects based on experience. 
  • Automatically create invoices using translator pricelists, giving businesses a way to track in-house and external translation costs.
  • Track internal and external translators performance.
  • Avoid giving work to bad translators.
  • Supplier companies or agencies can manage their own team of translators in your Wordbee Translator system resulting in great integration and easy project management.
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