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Reports & Business Analytics

Efficient reporting facilities are an essential tool for any business. Use cases range from compiling operational and financial data in tabular form or graphics, understanding volume and growth of your business, evaluating vendors and clients, seeing trends and much more.

Wordbee Translator includes hundreds of reports for operational, financial or analytical purposes. You have three distinct tools to choose from:

Business Reports

Create comprehensive Excel reports for finance, suppliers, clients, orders and other data. You can customize these reports yourself using Excel.

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What you get:

  • Reports for financial data on suppliers/clients

  • Reports on projects, orders and jobs

  • See cost and benefit analysis

  • Instant filtering by any field in Excel. analyses.

  • Customize layout, columns, charts and pivot tables

Business Analytics

An interactive web tool to gain insight into trends, strengths and weaknesses. Over 100 interactive views into your data.

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What you get:

  • Suppliers and clients, volume and trends

  • Leveraging rates and trends

  • Operational performance and quality metrics

  • Drill down by manager, supplier, client

  • Graphical and tabular views

Export Tools

Most lists in Wordbee Translator include a "Print" button to export data to Excel, JSON or XML. You can customize the columns. 

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What you get:

  • Export projects, jobs, orders, clients, suppliers, invoices

  • Apply any filters on the data

  • Choose columns to print

  • Export to EXCEL, JSON and XML



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