All suppliers must have a price list so that you can estimate your translation costs, even if you are part of an internal translation service within a company that uses your services.

If you ticked the Enter supplier languages and prices in the last step of Creating a supplier, this page opens with the required file ready for you to fill in.
If this is not the case, follow these steps:

  • Create the supplier (see Adding suppliers);
  • Go to the Supplier's page;
  • Click on the Prices tab;
  • Click on Click to create pricelist now.

The Prices page changes to show all the required fields.

  • Click on Save after having filled the required data

Here is what you will see when clicking on the Prices tab after having added a pricelist:

The list is now saved. You may now proceed to add language pairs:

  • Click on

  • Choose source and target languages by clicking on the corresponding arrows;

  • Choose a task:

  • Write down the price and select to what the price is related to;
  • Add a capacity speed (if relevant), comments (if needed) and click on Update or Add or on Add new when finished.