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Suppliers Logins

Even if you first decide not to give login rights when defining a supplier, you can always change your mind but remember that most of them must have a login name in order to translate or complete other types of tasks.

You can define as many logins as you want per supplier since a supplier is considered to be a company which is composed of one or many users.
To define a user account, follow these steps:

  • Click on Suppliers on the menu bar.
  • Search for the supplier by scrolling down the page or using
  • Click on the People & Logins tab.
  • Click on Add new.

  • Fill in the mandatory fields (those marked with an asterisk) although it is recommended that you fill in all the fields.
  • Tick the box Create a login for this person or contact. Additional mandatory fields are shown.

  • Fill in the Login, Password, and Retype password fields.
  • Establish the User profile.

Note: When you create a login for a supplier, you will notice that the user's profile is defined as External Worker. However, you can change it and assign the following user profiles:

  • Click on Save.
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