The translation task is ongoing and the new document arrives.

Changes in the job statuses

Depending on the status of the job before the versioning process, the new version will be:

  • Jobs which were in progress will pass into completed → New version will be not started/not assigned depending on the type of supplier dispatching you have chosen (retrieve previous worker of the job, original project assignment, etc.). These users will be notified of an update on the text leading to a new job, due to the versioning process.

Here a wrap-up table of the different possibilities described above:

Current versionStatus (past version)Status (new version)
In ProgressCompletedNot started/Not assigned*

*Job will be proposed again only if contents have been changed.


By default you will be assigning the same workflow and suppliers as the previous version, so the user who was working in the translation will get directly notified of the job changes.