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Invoice management due to versioning process (Codyt Project)

The process described in this section will help you reuse the work done during the translation of a document that has been later on modified by it's author. You will require then to manage the file in your working project to see if the new version of the file contains more or less text. Paragraphs and sentences that have not changed will be directly pre-translated from the resources available in the project.


Below you will find out how to manage invoices generated due to new versions of a document in a Codyt project. You need to take into account different scenarios here:

Invoicing new versions

Whether if you chose to assign the jobs to the same suppliers or not, you can easily track what is the breakdown of words for each job in the word count icon. You may also want to review your word counting settings for the project to see if you are counting them as (partially) new words.

What about supplier costs from current and new versions?

Whenever a new version (V2) is added while suppliers are in the middle of their work, the previous job (V1) will be closed and costs will be estimated based on the job progress. in the example below, past versions' costs (displayed in yellow) are updated based on the 47% progress and can still be edited if need be.


The jobs for the new versions (the active one) is calculated based on new additions and removed texts, memory leveraging, etc..

Filters allow to display past or new versions, or both.

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