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How-to change the Word Count Profile for Codyt projects

Please read this section carefully if you use invoicing and costing features of the platform

You may want to update or change the Word Counting Profile in a project so that the costs of new documents to be worked on will be adjusted to your new pre-translation intervals or to define in a specific way how pre-translations should be handled in your project. This profile will directly apply to all new documents that will be marked for online translation in current or new projects. You can create as many profiles as you want.


If you have updated the settings of a word counting profile, these will apply to any new projects in the system. In open projects where the profile was being used, you will need to select again the word counting profile so new files marked for online translation within that project(s) will have the new settings applied.

Or you can use the "Save and spread" feature when updating the settings of a word counting profile, which will spread the changes to every related projects.

This page is meant to help you understand what the impact of changing a word counting profile could be and chose when the right moment to update your word counting settings. The most obvious changes in the analysis are related to the following categories: fuzzy matches and pre-translations.

Be aware that the word count analysis for any document in your project that is still "ongoing" will also be affected by this change, and therefore the costs attached to them (for clients as well as for suppliers).

It is thus recommended to only change the word counting settings in ongoing projects as soon as all current jobs are finished.

Changes at cost-level:

  • If your project still contains documents that are still being worked on, you may want to finish them and create an appropriate invoice based on the current analyses. Otherwise, modifying the word counting profile will require to manually adjust all figures for each pre-translation, fuzzy match and repetition intervals.

    If you wish to manage a new version of your document, the analyses will also be based on the word count profile used when the file was originally marked for online translation. So you won't be able to get the exact figures.

  • All new documents marked for online translation within the project will be analysed following the new word counting profile. So the analyses will be correct from the very beginning.

Of course, the options above only make sense if you work with prices and you need to generate adequate information for the peers in your project.

Changes at pre-translation level:

  • Documents that are still being worked on won't vary their levels of pre-translation, since the file is not marked for offline and online translation.

    If you don't need to worry about the costs, you can always consolidate your Project Memory into a Translation Memory attached to the project in order to save your translations. Then you can mark the file for offline /online translation and relaunch the process of pre-translation again. This will be useful for example, if you decide to always lock your pretranslations.

  • Documents that will be marked for online translation will be pre-translated following your new profile attached.

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