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Word Counting [ARCHIVED]

The Word Count profiles are used to configure how words are counted for documents to be translated. Here you are able to create a configuration that defines:

  • Count Algorithm (Wordbee or Microsoft Word)
  • Fuzzy Match Intervals
  • Pre-Translation Settings
  • Repetition Settings
  • Advanced Settings

By defining a word count profile, the system knows the fuzzy match intervals for applying discounts defined in your pricelist. For example, if the document has pre-translated text, then a specified discount will be automatically applied such as 100%. Then based on the defined intervals for both discounts and fuzzy matches, another discount can be applied for anything that falls betwen 90% and 100%. 

The following pages show how to create a word count profile and assign it to projects in Wordbee Translator: 

Additionally, the pre-translation settings make it possible to define whether or not machine translation will be allowed for a project. Existing pre-translations may be locked or marked as "do not translate" to ensure the discount is applied and additional work is not performed for these segments or texts. 

A few other things you can configure here include: 

  • Substition of Dates and Numbers 
  • Enable/Disable Repetition Counting
  • Counting of Identical or Similar Repetitions
  • Counting of Translated and Not Translated Repetitions
  • Unique Word Counting Options (Advanced Settings)

How-to access the Word Count Settings

To access the settings for Word Counting, go to Settings > Translation Settings and then click on Configure to the right of the Word Counting option.

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