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Working on a Multilingual Publication

Creating Target InDesign Documents

With Wordbe Link, users will be able to create a language-specific version of an InDesign document that has been linked to a Flex container. Here is how:

  1. Open the Wordbee Link panel

  2. Navigate to the related project, and select the DocumentID of the InDesign document.

  3. Select the language you want to add a document for and click ‘Create Target’

By clicking on Create Target users can save copy of the current file as a language-specific version of the document. The new file is named passing the specific target language code to the filename, making it easy to identify the language of each document.

Version History

Each time users save their InDesign file via the ‘Sync’ option in the Wordbee Link menu, changes are logged into Wordbee Link. These changes may be related to any aspect of the assets used (text, style, layout, attachments, pictures, etc.).

The initial version (v1) of the target language is saved upon document creation (as described in the previous chapter). The Flex Document history can be used to retrieve specific versions of their working file.

The following cases are considered:

  • Revert a target language version to undo specific changes in the document.

  • Restore the source language version to revert the entire multilingual publication to a specific editing stage.

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