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Export invoices/quotes

Export an XML file containing all invoices or quotations including details lines. This method combines the results of the two calls (LIEN)Get invoices/quotes from any project and (LIEN)Get invoice lines and produces a single xml.


(GET) invoices/export



The token obtained on connection



The first record to show starting with index 0. Default is 0



The number of records to show, up to 100 at a time. Default is 100.



A json containing filter information (see below)




The “filter” parameter is mandatory. The minimum requirement is to specify whether to retrieve client or supplier invoices/quotes. For example:…&filter={"isClientInvoices":true }


JSON format of "filter" parameter

You can filter the list of invoices that you want to download. You need to specify if you want client or supplier invoices. All other filter options are optional.


isClientInvoicesBoolean value. If set to 'true', you obtain client invoices/quotes. Otherwise, you obtain supplier invoices/quotes.Required
idsAn array containing the ids of the invoices to download. For example: [2,58,124]Optional

The statuses of the invoices to download. Array of integer value.

See InvoiceStatus in ApiInvoice

For example, to get "Invoice sent" and "Invoice approved" use: [11,15]

referenceFilter on the reference of the invoice.Optional
clientCompanyIdFilter on the id of the client companyOptional
clientCompanyNameFilter on the name of the client companyOptional
supplierCompanyIdFilter on the id of the supplier companyOptional
supplierCompanyNameFilter on the name of the supplier companyOptional
projectRefFilter on the reference of the associated projectOptional
projectIdFilter on the id of the associated projectOptional
invoiceNoFilter on the invoice numberOptional
quoteNoFilter on the quote numberOptional



An XML file composed of records, where each record has the following properties: Export - Invoice


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