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Use this method to record the successful download and processing of a delivery.

For instance, once a workflow reaches the "Work Finished" status, you're set to download the deliverable file. After downloading, you review the contents and store the data in its designated location. Subsequently, utilize this method to update the workflow status from "Work Finished" to "Work Delivered".

When a project manager reopens the workflow, the workflow status will change again, such as being reset to “Work in progress”. Wait again for the completion, download, store and log delivery…


(POST) /api/projects/{pid}/workflows/{did}/status/{trg}/delivery/success


The URL parameters are:


The project ID

int, Mandatory


The document ID

int, Mandatory


The target language code

string, Mandatory


This method provides the workflow status and an acknowledgement, detailed as follows:

  • changed: Boolean. Returns true if the status has been successfully changed to "Work delivered".

  • status: Indicates the current workflow status following the change.

  • statusTitle: The name of the current status.

Example 1: The status remained “Work unfinished”, preventing it from being updated to “Work delivered”.

    "changed": false,
    "status": 0,
    "statusTitle": "Work in progress"

Example 2: The status was modifiable.

    "changed": true,
    "status": 4,
    "statusTitle": "Work delivered"

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