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This section details API methods designed for reading and managing project document workflows.

Content Management System Integrations

These methods are specifically useful (but not limited) to efficiently integrate Content Management Systems with Wordbee Translator. Read our primer: CMS Integration

Understanding Workflows

A workflow is essentially the sequence of tasks involved in translating content from one language to another. This process typically includes translation and revision stages, along with a variety of settings to customize each step to suit specific project needs.

  • A document is a file uploaded to a project. It is uniquely identified by the “Document ID” (“did”).

  • A document is to be translated into 1 or more target languages (“trg”)

  • A workflow denotes the work to be done to translate a document into a target language. This is why most API methods in this section ask you for the project ID (“pid”), the document ID (“did”) and the target language (“trg”).
    A workflow within a project is uniquely identified by pairing “Document ID” and “trg“ (Target language).

Current Scope

The workflow API currently supports Codyt projects exclusively, with potential future expansion to Standard projects. Functional focus is on the integration with content management system.


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