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To list all recently completed workflows (status “Work finished”), this method is vital for those intending to "poll" for newly completed translations on a routine basis, such as daily. For the listed workflows you can then download the files and subsequently confirm each download.

It is recommended to use webhooks for workflow completion rather than polling.


(GET) /api/projects/{pid}/workflows/list/completed


The URL parameters are:


The project ID.

int, Mandatory


Optional. If specified then you get the workflows finished since that amount of minutes.

int?, Optional


Optional. If this date is specified, then you get the workflows finished since this date. Use either “minutes” or “date”.

datetime?, Optional


Used for pagination. Skip the first number of rows.

int, Optional


Used for pagination. The number of rows per page. Default is 100 and maximum is 200.

int, Optional


The method returns a JSON object with a list of finished workflows. Example:

    "total": 2,
    "count": 2,
    "rows": [
            "did": 18494,
            "dname": "file-002.htm",
            "pid": 6757,
            "preference": "WM-17228",
            "branch": "fr",
            "brancht": "French (fr)",
            "src": "en",
            "trg": "fr",
            "srct": "English (en)",
            "trgt": "French (fr)",
            "status": 3,
            "statusTitle": "Work completed",
            "statusDate": "2024-04-03T06:32:37Z",
            "segments": 3,
            "openJobs": 0,
            "messageDate": null

The properties are:

  • total: Grand total number of rows.

  • count: Rows included in result. With pagination total may be greater than count.

  • rows: The workflows:

    • did: The document ID.

    • dname: Document name

    • pid: Project ID

    • preference: Project reference

    • branch, brancht: Branch language code and name

    • src, srct: Source language code and name

    • trg, trgt: Target language code and name

    • status, statusTitle, StatusDate: The workflow status, name and date of change

    • segments: Total segments in document

    • openJobs: Total open jobs in workflow

    • messageDate: Last user message in workflow


This method is a convenient shortcut for the more powerful workflows/list API. It simply applies a filter on status and status date.

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