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These methods let you find and filter services defined for a specific inhouse supplier or a client supplier.


There are many endpoints for various operations. The most commonly used are printed below - Check the detailed documentation on this page.

(POST) /api/services/persons/{uid}/services/list           (list services with main fields)
(POST) /api/services/persons/{uid}/services/list/full      (list services with all fields)
(GET) /api/services/persons/{uid}/services/list/fields     (get a list of field names and descriptions)

The /list API methods are used all over the place such as for finding projects, jobs, companies, people, prices etc. The (very) powerful features are the same in all cases. It is definitely worth looking beyond the most basic features.

The documentation below is generic. Please do not forget to set the specific end point for the present API method:

NOTE: Replace */list by /api/services/persons/{uid}/services/list in the URLs of the documentation below.


URL parameters are:


The ID of a user/person. This must be an inhouse user or a user attached to a client.

The system does not allow assigning services to users in a supplier company. Here the supplier pricelist is used exclusively.

Integer, Mandatory


This query searches items in status "1" and with a reference starting with "ax":

(POST) */list
HTTP BODY: { "query": '{status} = 1 AND {reference}.StartsWith("ax")' }


The following methods are available to search, count, print and aggregate your data.

Querying data


Retrieve and query items with all or selected fields. Supports pagination.

Parameters like query string, data fields and pagination are included in the request body.

Read more
Same as above but systematically includes all data fields in the results.Read more
Same as above but returns just the grand total of jobs matching filter criteria.Read more
Get statistics such as total items per status or other criteria. Gain insight into data.Read more  
Get all fields for a specific item.Read more

Field details

Get list of data fields with name, description, data type and more information.Read more


Download filtered data to EXCEL, XML or JSON.Read more 

Advanced methods

Implement auto complete functionality for selected data fields.Read more
Load and save queries for later reuse.Read more
Load and save list/filter layouts for later reuse.Read more


Please keep in mind that your access rights entirely decide on the data and the field values you can retrieve.

With limited rights you may not see all the jobs or projects etc., but just yours.

With limited rights you may not see some customer details or other user profile dependent information.

Access rights are exactly the same as in the Wordbee Translator system.

See also: Access Rights

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