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File Actions Log

The Beebox logs operations on both source files and target files. Source file operations refer to verification of file format and the extraction of text contents. Target file operations refer to the creation of the final or preliminary (MT) translated files. These operations can run both automatically (see the various Automation options) or be triggered from the Beebox user interface. Whenever a file operation fails, the log includes a detailed error description. If automated, the system will retry failed operations in regular intervals.

It is a great means to track which file was processed when. It includes very detailed information such as full file name, operation, date, errors, etc.

Log file location

The log file can be found at:

{project base directory}\temp\actions-files.log

In a default installation the path is c:\beebox\temp\actions-files.log

Log file content

The log file contains one line per source or target file operation. Each line is composed of pipe separated fields. Some characters are encoded and you need to unencode them: "\" => "\\", {newline} => "\n", {linefeed} => "\r", "|" => (removed).

Typical lines may look like:

2014-09-30T15:04:49.3653064+02:00|SOURCE|FAILED|en|c:\\beebox\\93f522ff-74e7-4522-a886-8af737082059\\in\\R-GeneralText - Copie.xliff||Failed to extract texts from source file.|Exception: The Xliff file contains languages other than the Beebox project languages\r\n at Wordbee.Beebox.Core.ProjectBuilder\r\n


The fields are:

  • Field 1: The ISO formatted date when this line was written.
  • Field 2:
    • "SOURCE" if the operation refers to the analysis of a source file (field 5 is the source file path)
    • "TARGET" if it refers to the creation of a translated file (field 6 is the file path)
    • "PRELIM" if it refers to the creation of a preliminary file (field 6 is the file path of the preliminary translation)
  • Field 3: Status of operation. Either "OK" or "FAILED".
  • Field 4: The language code of the file. If the line is for a source file then this always is the project source language.
  • Field 5: The full path of the source file.
  • Field 6: The full path of the translated file. Empty if the operation refers to the analysis of a source file.
  • Field 7: Error message, if operation failed.
  • Field 8: Full error details, if operation failed. This information is typically very technical.

Other logs

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