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In this chapter we discuss configuration of your Beebox and how to track operations and errors:

Track operations and errors

View Recent Events

View which operations were executed in the Beebox, including any failures.

Events are viewed in the Beebox UI.

Administration - Recent Events

View Logs and Errors

Learn how to track down errors using the Windows Event Log and the Beebox Files Action Log.

These give you full error information. Also helpful if you contact Wordbee support.

Manage Logs and Errors

View Current Connections

Learn how you see who is connected to your Beebox, using the Beebox UI.

When you open up the Beebox API to external content management systems, see who interacts with the Beebox.

Administration - Summary


Beebox configuration tasks

Configure Email notifications

Have the Beebox send you or your clients notifications about important events.

For example, notify the creation of translated files.

Configure an email server connection and select the events to be notified.

Administration - Email Notifications

Administration - Email Server

Configure Segmentation Rules

Customize SRX rules to split text content into sentences.

Beebox comes with predefined rules but you can modify them to your needs.

Customize Text Segmentation

Add Beebox Extensions

Extend your Beebox with new functionality, developed in Microsoft.Net.

Administration - Beebox Extensions

Windows Service configuration

Learn about the Beebox Windows service and how to customize startup mode and Windows account.

Manage Windows Service




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