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Public Beebox URL

This page lets you find the public IP address of your Beebox. Your Beebox needs to be accessible on the Internet if:

  • You want to connect a CMS which is outside your corporate network. The CMS connector is configured with your Beebox IP address. Read more.
  • You want Wordbee Translator users to be able to preview original files from the Wordbee translation editor. Read more.

The page can be accessed from the Administration page as well as from the project Translation Vendor and CMS Connector pages:

Click the button to start auto-detect. If the detection succeeds, the page prints the IP address:

If detection fails then your Beebox does not seem to be accessible from the Internet. This may have various reasons:

  • Your server or corporate firewall prevents inbound HTTP/S access. Configure your firewalls.
  • If you are using a proxy server, your server may only be accessible using a domain name. The auto-detect cannot find out the name by itself.

Manual identification

To manually verify that your Beebox is publicly accessible from a CMS or in the Internet, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a web browser from a PC outside your corporate network
  2. Type in the public URL of your Beebox, such as or 
  3. If the Beebox user interface opens then it works

You may need help from your system administrator to enable public access.

How auto-detect works

Technically, the operation works as follows:

The page sends an HTTPS request to the Wordbee license server (https://api.wordbee-translator:32572). The request includes the Beebox port number and if SSL is used or not.

The server gets your IP address from the HTTP header and then simply calls back. If calling back works, your Beebox is accessible on the Internet.

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