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Settings - CMS Connector

Here we explain how to assign credentials to a Content Management System (CMS) connector so that it can interact with the selected Beebox project.

Wordbee proposes many connectors such as for WordPress, Drupal, Adobe AEM, SiteCore, Typo 3, Joomla, EpiServer, Kentico and others. Connectors can be developed using the Beebox API. Once a connector is installed to a CMS, the CMS can send content to translate into the Beebox project, check translation status, request cost quotations and ultimately download translated content.


Your Beebox must be accessible from the location of the CMS. Firewalls must allow HTTP access from the CMS to your Beebox. Please read: Authorize external CMS and UI access


Create credentials

Click Settings in the project left navigation and then Connectors & API:

Click the Create link and the system will enable external API access and assign random credentials for your convenience:

The link below the red text lets you find out your public Beebox URL.

Configure connector with the credentials

Send the four values shown above to the CMS owner:

  • API Url
  • API Project Key
  • API Login
  • API Password

You can safely hand out the details to a customer. They allow access to the one selected project only.

The CMS admin has to paste these details in the CMS connector page. Once this is done the connector is ready to "talk" to your Beebox project.

Please read the red colored text in the screenshot carefully. The "localhost" URL shown in the web page is NOT the right one. It is only valid on the server itself. Instead you need to supply the public (or local network) IP address or domain name of your Beebox. This may look something like:

Click the link below the red text to find out the correct public URL.


Advanced Settings

Click the Edit link to access the connection details:

API access level

It specifies the API operations to which the CMS connector has access. The Standard level restricts the CMS to send content, get status and retrieve translations. Use with all CMS connectors developed by Wordbee. The Advanced level lets a connector control how and when translation jobs are created (plus quite a few other). In case of doubt or with Wordbee connectors you will always choose the Standard level.

About access levels and credentials


API callback url

Optional URL which will be called by the Beebox whenever translated files are created. This can be used to inform the CMS so that it can immediately download translations.

About web callbacks


Tracking and Blocking Connector Access

The Beebox lets you see if connectors are currently accessing Beebox projects: View active connections

To revoke credentials click the Delete link in the page.

If credentials are breached please immediately change them using the Edit link.





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