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Administration - Summary

To view the current connections to the Beebox go to the Summary tab:

Below you see the activity information:

Recent events: 

Shows all recent operations including errors in the Beebox and across all projects. Click here for details.

Active connections:

The panel shows all active connections. In the screenshot there is just one (the administrator logged into this UI). You may see more connections if e.g. a CMS is currently "talking" to the Beebox or you are logged in from multiple browsers. You can browse the Web API documentation to see how external systems do connect. The different fields are:

  • Active connection: The name of the connecting system. This name is provided by the connecting system.
  • IP: The IP address of the connecting system.
  • Access level: This can be Administrator (connection uses the administrator credentials), Standard (uses standard credentials) or Advanced (uses advanced credentials). An external system generally can only connect using Standard or Advanced and can only access information of one specific project.
  • Project: Either "All projects" or the ID of the specific project to which the active connection has access.
  • Last activity: The last time the connecting system interacted with the Beebox.

Reset server / Unlog all users:

Click to disconnect all active connections. This may be useful if external systems fail to disconnect due to bugs. 




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