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The Beebox Server can connect to any content or document management system. From WordPress, Drupal, Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager or proprietary systems. It can receive contents through DropBox or any other file sharing system. It lets you request translations from within Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or Powerpoint.

Key features:

  • Translates files, CMS and other content sources.
  • Translates GIT repositories, including multiple branches.
  • Integrated machine translation connectors.
  • Connects to Translation Management Systems (TMS).
  • Built-in translation editor for translation and review.
  • Hosted by Wordbee.
  • Live Preview lets translators preview web site or CMS translations while translating.


Connects translation teams:

  • Direct link to Wordbee Translator.
  • Direct link to specific TMS upon request.
  • XLIFF hotfolders to automatically send/receive jobs.
  • Manual export/import of XLIFF jobs.
  • Special "pass-through" projects to pass source files directly to TMS without text extraction in Beebox.
  • Include custom fields with your source files (as JSON formatted file) and send to the translation team: URL, Instructions, ...

Supports most content types and systems:

  • CODE files, PO files, Java properties, iOS strings, INI files, .Net resources, XSL, CSV
  • YAML
  • Raw text
  • MICROSOFT Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio
  • RTF
  • ADOBE Indesign (.idml), Framemaker (.mif), InCopy, Photoshop
  • OPEN OFFICE formats
  • DITA
  • DOXYGEN comments in code files
  • EMAIL (msg, .eml)
  • TTX
  • TRADOS bilingual files (.bak)
  • TRANSIT language files
  • More information

Integration and development:

Why would I choose Beebox?

  • If you are a software developer or integrator, Beebox is right for you: Click here

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