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Why Would I Choose Beebox?

Beebox is the easiest means you will find when it comes to adding translation capabilities to your software or solutions. This is because Beebox does the following:

It is easy to integrate:

It understands your content and reduces cost:

  • Supports most file formats. There is no need to convert your content.
  • Generates your translated files in the same original format.
  • "Speaks" any language.
  • Remembers all translations, never pay twice for translating the same piece of text.
  • Finds unique texts: A string like “Click here” may show up 500 times in your software. Beebox will send the string just once for translation.

It translates content management systems - if you need it:

  • Wordbee proposes off-the-shelf plugins for Drupal, WordPress, Adobe AEM, SiteCore, EpiServer, Kentico, Joomla, Typo 3 etc.
  • These plugins extend the CMS user interface for content selection and translation. It talks to your Beebox.
  • Use the Web API to develop your own plugins or ask Wordbee to do so.

It adapts to your translation workflows:

  • Adapts to testing, staging and production environments in a few clicks.
  • Supports a wide range of machine translation systems.
  • Supports human translation workflows via XLIFF or direct web link to translation vendors.
  • Includes smart alignment technology. Translated content can be aligned on the fly.
  • Wordbee does not provide translation services. You choose your human translators to your liking.

It comes with a truly reactive support:

  • Comes with an extensible 30 days trial. We want to make sure that you have all the time needed to do your tests!
  • Excellent technical support from the Wordbee team. Simply register with our online ticketing system at

We are looking forward to helping you with your project! Contact us at 

Have a look at all the features.

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