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Manage Logs and Errors

The Beebox gives different means for you to track operations and view any failures:

Logging Mechanism

Recent Events - View summary of operations

A list of the most recent operations, whether triggered by the user, the API or automatically. Events are viewed from the UI.

Gives an overview of all operations. Failed operations are flagged but lack a detailed description.

You can have events and failures be notified by email.

Windows Event Log - View full details on failures

 Any failures are written here with full technical details.

If you contact support please include the corresponding events.

File Actions Log - Track file operations in detail

A file in the Beebox directory that tracks all operations regarding processing of source files and creation of translated files.

A good means to track exact file operations as it lists: Full file name, operation, date, etc. Can be easily read out and analysed in Excel or other tools.

The log file is described here.


If an operation fails what do I do?

Typically when something fails in the user interface you immediately see an error message.

If you have the impression that the failure must be a Beebox bug then you would open the Windows Event Log and look up the most recent Beebox error. The description usually is very technical but sometimes gives an hint on what is going wrong. If you cannot resolve the issue please contact support and include the error fro the Windows Event log. If an automatic operation fails, you will get notified by email (if it is configured) or you can look into the recent event log to see if something had failed. Then again, proceed as described in the previous paragraph.

Recent Events

All operations running in the Beebox are logged with date, executing user, description, notification status and, if applicable, error details.

The log is viewed under Administration > Recent events of the Beebox user interface:

Windows Event Log

Open the Windows Event Viewer. To find the tool search for it from the Windows Start menu.

The event source is either "Beebox Server" or "Beebox API", depending on where the error originated. Any errors are visible in the right pane. The details are shown in the lower part of the window.

If you contact Wordbee support please include the detailed error description shown. It helps us tremendously to qualify and resolve the issue.

Actions Log file

The log file is located in the Beebox directory. Typically at: c:\beebox\temp\actions-files.log

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