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Beebox SaaS

Beebox is a SaaS product. The URLs for the API and the web user interface will be sent to you upon setup.

Beebox SaaS is accessible using the HTTPS protocol. For security reasons HTTP is no longer available.

Your end point might look like: https://mycompany.beebox.wordbee/api 

Beebox on Premises

You may buy a license and host a Beebox instance on your premises. In this case you can freely define end points and ports for API and UI.

Upon a fresh install, a Beebox server exposes its UI on http://localhost:8089 and its API on http://localhost:8089/api 

Beebox on Premises is hosted on Microsoft IIS. You are able to install your certificates or expose Beebox via your corporate proxy server.

Also refer to Change Port and SSL

End points

In this documentation we denote the API endpoint using:

  • https:/{server}/api

The administrator user interface is:

  • https:/{server}

How do I work with the API?

Start with creating a session by calling the /api/connect method. You require a login, a password and a Beebox project ID (the project you want to work with in the session).

You obtain a session token. Include this token with all subsequent API calls such as when you want to send content to translate or retrieve completed translations.

At the end close the session with /api/disconnect.

Where do I get credentials from?

If you administer the Beebox you create the credentials yourself. Otherwise, the Beebox administrator will provide this information to you.

There are three types of credentials. Standard credentials give you limited control over a single project, Advanced credentials let you call a few more API methods and Admin credentials give you full and unlimited access to all Beebox data.

What is GET, PUT, POST and DELETE?

When we describe an API method we always indicate the, so called, HTTP request methods or verbs. Make sure that your HTTP requests use the right verb.

Continue reading: Obtaining credentials

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