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Kentico - Configuration

First of all, please make sure your Kentico Connector and its dependencies are installed.


Before continuing, you have to create your corresponding Beebox CMS project or receive the credentials from your partner.

In order to get these credentials, please read take a look to our first project documentation.


The whole configuration of the Kentico connector is located in the Kentico settings.

  1. Go to the administration area and select Settings in the dashboard.
  2. Select Content then Translation services in the sidebar.
  3. Configure the connector with the credentials you got from the Beebox interface or your partner.

    Your Beebox is now connected and the connector is ready to use!
    Please note that credentials are not tested during the saving operation.

Customize the connector features (optional)

By default since version 11, users have to choose a deadline and are free to type some instructions for the translators when submitting a translation request.

While the default configuration usually fits to the general usage, you may want to disable options if you are not using them or for security purposes.

To disable either deadlines or instructions, please proceed as following.

  1. In the administration area, search for the application Translation services.

  2. Select Wordbee Beebox in the translation service list and edit it by clicking on the green pen action.
  3. Edit the options you want to change
    • To enable/disable the deadline, tick/untick the option Supports submission deadlines.
    • To enable/disable the optional instructions, tick/untick the option Supports submitting instructions.
    • To enable/disable the ability to cancel submissions, tick/untick the option Supports canceling submissions.

  • We do not recommend you to change the other settings listed on this page.
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