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Permanently remove a job

CMS with cancellation support

The following CMS have built-in cancellation systems that immediately perform the required operations to cancel Beebox and Wordbee job, depending on your Beebox configuration.

  • Drupal
  • SiteCore
  • Kentico

Usually, you just need to use the Cancel button to entirely remove a job workflow from the system. Please refer to the connector documentation for more information.

Note that the option Cancel jobs if source files removed must be enabled in the Automation Settings of your Beebox project.

CMS without cancellation support

When you need to remove several jobs or if the CMS does not support cancellation out of the box, it is possible to manually remove the jobs from Beebox.

First of all, do not forget to perform a backup of your project or Beebox. Refer to the Maintenance operations documentation for backup procedure.

Then, proceed as following for each job you would like to remove:

  • Under the Translation tab, go to Jobs and open the job you would like to remove.
  • In the job, select the Contents tab to see which files concerned by this job.
  • Using Windows Explorer, under C:\Beebox\{PROJECT_ID}\in, remove the files listed previously.
    If you do not remove the files, Beebox will automatically recreate the jobs at the next autorun.
  • Once all files are deleted, you can cancel and delete permanently the job from Beebox.
  • Repeat this operation for all jobs you would like to remove.

Once you're done with the job removal:

  • If the option Detect source file changes is not enabled in the Automation Settings of your Beebox project, do not forget to rescan the files:
    • Under Source files, click on Upload or manage files then Process new or changed files.
  • Under Translation tab, make sure there is no unprocessed text. If there is any unprocessed text, it means you forgot to remove some files.
    • You can easily locate the files that are unprocessed by going to the Files sub-tab and use the filter Not fully validated files.
    • In the filtered file list, the files with Unprocessed segments are the files that will generate a new job. You can remove them if you wish.
  • Start an Autorun.
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