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Can I find out if translators are available before assigning jobs?


Is it possible to assign jobs of a size that corresponds to the availability of each user?


When a manager selects a supplier, the selection screen suggests all suppliers providing the required service (languages, taskā€¦). It further shows availability (off days, holidays) and currently assigned and unfinished work (in terms of volume). Via a link, you can then access the business analytics profile of suppliers which shows the real daily capacity and many more details.

The system can propose a selection of suppliers that are able to handle a volume to assign based on the analysis of past work. You can also use the planning tool to have the system automatically generate an estimated delivery date based on available data in the platform.

Furthermore, the system allows you to create and manager supplier groups with a first-come-first-served configuration. This is helpful as it allows you to send proposals to different translation vendors so that those who are available for the job can log in and accept the assignment.

Supplier selection window

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