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How to find the supplier that best qualifies for a job

Depending on the type of project, client company, or delivery date available, you may want to manually select your preferred supplier, or propose the task to a given group of suppliers.

This section will help you find that one supplier who better qualifies for the job, or update your job proposal with more accurate candidates.

Open the Supplier finder

Click on 

next to a given job to have a full view of the suppliers that qualify for the job, based on the language and task.

This popup shows all inhouse users and external companies that qualify for the job.

Use filters

To find the user/company that matches the criteria of the job, you can combine the options available in the upper part of the window:

  • Assignment as in the project workflow (manual, group or crowdsourcing)

  • Simple filters like: 

    • inhouse/external suppliers

    • filter by name or supplier group

  • Advanced filters (under the Filters checkbox, highlighted above), for supplier companies

Note that some of the advanced filters are presented in the upper part of the popup, where you will be able to sort the results of your query by relevance.

You can also toggle from single selection or multiple selections, in case you want to update or create a job proposal.

All these filters should help you set the assignment configured in each of your scenarios.

The form for creating a new job will appear as shown below:

At this level, it all depends on how many documents your project is made of and how you plan to assign jobs to your suppliers.

There are 4 possible scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Your project is made of 1 document and you want all the jobs to be performed by one supplier.

  • Scenario 2: Your project is made of 1 document and you want the jobs to be performed by multiple suppliers.

  • Scenario 3: Your project is made of multiple documents and you want one supplier to perform the jobs.

  • Scenario 4: Your project is made of multiple documents and you want various suppliers to perform the jobs.

Scenario 1 One Document and One Supplier

The project includes one document and you want only one supplier to translate it.

  1. First, make certain the appropriate task has been chosen and then select the document by ticking the corresponding checkbox. Click OK at the top right of the page to finish creating the job.

2. After the job has been created, you will be directed to the page below. Next, you will need to select the supplier by clicking on

Job Assignment

Freelance entrepreneur accounts

This section will be relevant if you count on creating invoices in Wordbee. You will need to assign the job(s) in the project to yourself, then you can directly go to the costs section at the bottom of the page.

If you have a freelance entrepreneur account, you need to create jobs into your project and assign them to yourself only if you want to generate invoices for your work. If you are not interested in invoices for your business, you can translate directly in the Editor without creating jobs.

Click Select to the right of the appropriate supplier on the list.

Choose Calculate cost if you want to calculate the cost, send a quote/ invoice to the supplier, and if this person will be able to view or not this cost. When all the parameters are set, click OK.

Scenario 2 (One Document and Multiple Suppliers)

The project includes 1 document and you want multiple suppliers to translate it.

Select the document by ticking the corresponding box and then click on Tool: Split 1 document among multiple suppliers.

The attachment icon enables you to attach some files to the document, for example, screenshots, instructions, reference material, or whatever material that might be needed. This icon may be used by the project manager, the supplier, or simply serve to store documents that are needed by an entire team working on the same project (e.g.: intermediary or final deliverables...). 

On this page, you will be able to configure several items for the new job including document related items (task, source language, target language) and assignment related items (paragraphs, supplier, costs, etc). 

Step 1: Configure the Document parameters. These are the tasks and languages for the job and here you may change current configuration settings or configure them when not already done.

Step 2: Instructions

The Instructions section may be used to configure a deadline, enter a reference number, provide instructions, and configure file viewing access for the job. 

Click OK when you are satisfied with the different parameters.

The split job will appear similar to what is shown below:

Scenario 3 (Multiple Documents and One Supplier)

If you want one supplier to translate all the documents for a job, then tick the checkbox next to each document and click on OK

Then follow the steps outline in Scenario 1 for selecting a supplier.

Scenario 4 (Multiple Documents and Multiple Suppliers)

Select one document and follow the steps of Scenario 2. Create a new job, tick the checkbox for the appropriate document, and then click Tool: Split 1 document among multiple suppliers.

Next, configure the document options and then split the paragraphs manually or by using Auto Split. Finally, assign a supplier to each job number.

Repeat the same operation for each of the uploaded documents. You will have to click on Create More Jobs to configure this for each additional document. 

Once you have created a job you can click on the Cost tab to see how much a job is going to cost you:

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